A week in pictures

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’ve started taking pictures again, but not so much that I have begun lugging around my big ass camera. Just my phone. I have mostly been taking black and whites, they are my favorite.


Sunday I drove up to Mesa, Colorado. (What you can see in the photo is pretty much the entire town) The town my husband and I met and grew up in. Our families still live there. I was there to visit my mom and help her make my brother’s birthday cake. I also carved my nickname in her table, as per her request.


      At my moms, I dont have
to fight for the bowl of cake batter.

     Later that evening the kids came back from their DNA donor’s house and we had family game night.

I’m fairly sure the game of life has more rules than real life!

     On Monday my love had to leave for his new job

and Jbug had to get a cleaning at the dentist.

Tuesday brought an excruciating hour spent with my ex husband and there were no photos that day. Wednesday was back to Starbucks to finish up some bs with said ex husband and I photographed this gentleman.

So that brings us to now. The kids are playing Mortal Kombat, the cat is meowing incessantly and my husband still is not home. I think I’ll go take a bath.


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