Because Family Night Isn’t Cool

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Our internet and TV has been shut off. The house is quiet. The kids are forced with the horrifying task of interacting with each other and -gasp- us, their parents. JBug has no problem with this. She’ll talk our faces off all day long. But Jules would rather slowly die in his closet of despair before uttering what could be construed as a positive conversation with his adult jailors.

Enter the game of Monopoly. I bought it last night knowing full well it may drive Troy and I to divorce within mere hours, but was willing to risk it for the sake of entertainment. One can only watch the cat bash her face against the fish tank for so long.

Jules let us know he had homework, chores, and he hated monopoly and would not be joining us. So, being the good parents we are, we set up to start playing without him. Within 5 minutes he was at the table with us – totally on his own accord. The game went well, and hopefully was not a glimpse into our future…

That’s me visiting Jules in jail.

Two hours passed and it was bed time. Jules was already completely bankrupt and out of the game about 20 minutes before hand and said something about not having time to do anything because he was “dragged into family game night.” That made me smile.

And yes.. I lost, Troy won, and we’re divorcing next week. 😉

  1. Troy says:

    I’ll let you stay in one of my hotels

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