Everything Changes In Time

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

     One year, five months, and twenty two days ago we kissed for the first time. I stepped into the sky and have yet to come down. From that day, we were inseparable. Within days of that event, our entire lives changed and we remained  scarcely inches from each other. Always within reaching distance. Always reaching. Always touching Always glancing at each other. Thinking the same thoughts – no matter how random. We became emotionally and physically dependent on each other. I can feel you enter – and exit a room. We essentially became one person.

     But.. then what? My world is thrown for a loop. I’ve been knocked from my cloud, and cast aside – it’s cold. It’s lonely. You no longer reach for me. We’re no longer always at one another’s side, always holding hands or leaning on one another. I miss you.

  1. Troy says:

    No I still need you and reach for you, but sometimes I have to do things apart from you in order for us to remain together.

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