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more fat acceptance..

The Ellipses Project


Well before the ball dropped in New York City to mark the beginning of 2013, diet and weight-loss ads were airing non-stop on television, encouraging viewers to get a headstart on their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and “get healthy.” There was Jennifer Hudson praising the Weight Watchers point system. Then, there was Jessica Simpson also thanking Weight Watchers for helping her shed pregnancy weight the media mercilessly criticized her for gaining. Plagued by negative comments about the size of their bodies, Hudson and Simpson chose to participate in a multi-billion dollar diet industry. They, and the companies they work for, profit from the American obsession with thinness, and they sell an impossible dream of beauty that is always dependent on weight-loss.

It’s not only Weight Watchers doing the fat shaming. New commercials for Special K ask viewers What will you gain when you lose? and show…

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